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Shamanic Healing Modalities

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Each client and each situation is different – there is no set approach to the healing.

Robin's work is 100% Spirit-directed. When a client arrives for a session, Robin scans and reads the energy body and receives information including the healing modalities that are recommended for the client. It is normal to have more than one healing modality done in a session.

Robin holds the strong intention to be a clear and open channel for Divine Love, Divine Healing, and Divine Wisdom. It is an honor and privilege to be of service in this way.

Soul Retrieval

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One of the most common and universal techniques a shaman employs is retrieval of a lost soul part.

Soul loss occurs when we experience trauma, shock, pain or loss. A part of the soul, an essence, leaves the body as a natural defense mechanism to avoid the pain of a particular situation.

Symptoms of soul loss include chronic depression, disassociation, addictions, illness, prolonged grief, PTSD, memory gaps, and disconnection with the body.

Causes for soul loss can include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, the death of a loved one, including a pet, loss of job, financial loss, childbirth, divorce or separation, hospitalization, surgery, any kind of abuse, illness, accidents, natural disasters and war.

The shaman's job is to find the lost soul part/parts and return it to the client.

Power Retrieval

ancestral healing

Shamans believe that each of us has a spirit guardian whose job it is to protect and empower us.

These guardians may take the form of an animal and help us with power, protection, energy, and vitality. Each animal has great wisdom and brings specific gifts, talents, strengths and purpose in helping an individual.

Power animals choose people; shamans don't make the selection. The shaman brings back to the client his/her power animal and shares with the client what gifts this spiritual ally brings to that individual to help him/her.

Symptoms of power loss can be similar to the symptoms of soul loss and can include: chronic illness, chronic misfortune, long-term victimization, long-term depression, and suicidal ideation.


shamanic healing power retrieval

This is the process whereby the shaman removes unwanted or misplaced energy from the client.

Misplaced energy can have its origin from many different sources, including negative thought forms, such as anger, jealousy, and envy, curses. and spirit possession.

Symptoms may include localized pain, sudden anger, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Misplaced energy in its most extreme form would include possession and the shaman's job is to remove the possessing spirit from the client.

Soul Remembering

ancestral healing

The shaman travels to the client's soul to receive information on the client's life purpose, including what talents, skills and gifts this individual has and how the soul wants these to be utilized.

The shaman brings to the client this information along with a symbol which the soul has given to the shaman to bring to the client as a reminder of who they are on a core level, the Light they carry, and their connection to God/Divine.

Divination and Dream Interpretation

shamanic healing power retrieval

Divination is used when appropriate to provide the client with information for a deeper understanding and clarity on issues, situations and events which would be helpful and healing for the client.

Dreams can be interpreted by the shaman or by the client with the shaman's facilitation by re-entering the dream with a spiritual ally to ask for the meaning and significance of the dream.

Ancestral Work

shamanic healing ancestral work

There are times when ancestral work is necessary for an individual to move forward on his/her path.

The shaman communicates with the ancestors of the client and offers healing or to be a bridge for information from the ancestors to the client.

Types of healing that occur with ancestral work include the lifting of family curses, removal of unhealthy contracts, healing a deceased soul or group of souls in the family line, and assisting the client in the completion of unfinished business.

Psychopomp Work

shamanic healing soul retrieval

The word 'psychopomp' is derived from Greek and means 'leader of souls'.

The shaman assists a person who has died to cross over to the Light. For a variety of reasons, some individuals remain earthbound after death instead of crossing over into the Light.

Some situations which cause an individual's spirit to remain on earth after death include, a sudden and unexpected death, a deep attachment to a person or family or a strong desire to complete some remaining unfinished business.

A shaman's job is to help that individual soul move out of this dimension upon death, and take it to the Light.

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