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Robin offers a variety of workshops and trainings, from learning the basic art of the shamanic journey to advanced shamanic trainings, including soul retrieval and extraction of unwanted energies.Workshops and events are posted on Robin’s blog:

Robin also offers private instruction in shamanic journeys and initiations. She has been on the shamanic path for over 20 years and done extensive training in the shamanic arts. Robin currently teaches shamanism in the US and Europe. For more information on Robin’s background, click here.

The following is a list of some of Robin’s offerings.

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Triesen, Liechtenstein

Basic Shamanic Journeying

In this workshop students are initiated into the ancient art of the shamanic journey for the purpose of connecting and receiving information, healing, and power from spiritual allies. Through the aid of ritual and drumming, students will be guided into altered states of consciousness to find a power ally, retrieve power for another person, locate and interact with a spiritual teacher, learn how to perform long-distance journeys and healings, and learn a technique for divination. The shamanic journey is a gateway with infinite possibilities for healing, empowerment and information based on ancient tried and true techniques.

shamanic classes shamanic workshop

Soul Retrieval

This class is for the serious student who wishes to learn how to retrieve lost or stolen soul parts which have left the body due to shock, loss, trauma or pain. Each participant will learn how to retrieve a lost soul part for another person and bring it back whole and complete. Students will also have the opportunity to release any soul parts of other people they have unknowingly held. Knowing how to journey and having a strong relationship with your power allies is a pre-requisite to this course.

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This class delves into the shadow through shamanism. In this course students learn how to identify and remove unwanted energies from the body. Unwanted energies includes cords which take away power and light, cords that dump toxic energy into the body, curses, and other negative energies which can appear in various forms and cause illness, disruption and disease.

shamanic classes
Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Release of the Pain Body

This is a one-day experiential workshop to help empty out the old emotional debris you no longer need so that you can create room in your life for that which you desire. The class includes guided imagery and meditations as well as individual and group exercises.

shamanic classes shamanic workshop

Mastering Self-Healing

This is a new series of workshops based upon channeled material given to Robin. It is designed to assist students in releasing old programs, thought forms and belief systems that have held them back from having the life they want, and students will be guided in re-writing their life script the way they want to live.

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